Hey, Mama!

This video is the first in a series that I hope will turn your awareness to mothers' experiences with their identities, families, communities, workplaces and city. Motherhood does not have just one face or one voice, but many.

Today I invite you to listen and observe, and then join in the dialogue and effort that Mama Said is creating around better experiences for mothers and families in our homes, workplaces and city.

-Caroline Fortin, MSW
Founder and CEO

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Caroline Fortin, MSW

Founder and CEO

Caroline completed her Master of Social Work (MSW) from the University of Pennsylvania and has since dedicated her career to improving maternal/child health and wellness throughout Philadelphia. She draws upon her passion for women’s health and experience in program development, group facilitation, and counseling as Founder and CEO of Mama Said.






Emily Klein

Marketing and Social Media Intern

Emily is in the process of completing her undergraduate degree in English and Economics at Colgate University. Emily joined Mama Said as a Marketing and Social Media Intern in May 2016. Through this internship, she has been able to merge her interest in Marketing with her passion for supporting mothers, which was inspired by her relationship with her own Mama.