What you are creating and facilitating for mothers is incredible. Tonight’s event allowed a group of women - some who had never met each other before - to connect and bond in such a unique way. I think we all left feeling inspired, understood, and accepted. Thank you for providing a wonderful space for honesty, candor, and laughter to take place. We are so glad to have met you and to partner with you.
— Lauren Goldberg-Houston, Co-Owner of Fit4Mom Philadelphia

Our goal is to bring our supportive programming to mamas in all settings. From the boardroom to your local coffee shop -- moms increase your bottom line. Choose from our service menu below as a first step to: 



  • Workshops are customizable for your setting and can include any of the facilitators on our partner provider list

  • Visit our workshop calendar for past and upcoming programs that can be offered in your setting as well

  • "You're Prepped, but are You Prepared?"

    • 3 part series beyond simply "prepping for baby"

    • Workshops on the intellectual/emotional, physical, and interpersonal changes that follow pregnancy and becoming a mother




  • Sensitivity trainings for managers on helping employees to navigate motherhood and work

  • Guidance for employees on work-place maternity leave/related policies and practices


Development of Policies and Practices

  • Assistance developing a maternity/parental leave policy and other related policies and practices

  • Develop and distribute surveys to employees on work place satisfaction as it relates to specific needs of motherhood/parenthood 

Assessment and Improvement of Existing Policies and Practices

  • Review maternity/parental leave policies and advise on improving and implementing

  • Advise on how physical spaces of the setting can be adjusted to better suit employees/customers who are mothers (establishing a pumping space etc.)

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