Why Mamas?

  • 59% of women between the ages of 15 and 50 in the United States are the mother of at least one child.

  • Our federal government spends more than 60 billion dollars annually on maternal and child health. 

  • 2/3 of American women will return to work within a year of giving birth--leaving both individuals and companies to navigate the demands of motherhood and career.

WHy mama Said?

Mama Said believes that more resources need to be made available to mothers that focus on their needs not just as parents, but as people. 

All Mama Said services and programming are rooted in the understanding that improved maternal health and wellness is intrinsically linked to improved child health and wellness.

We will carefully curate our programming to the needs and interests of the mamas you serve.

You can find examples of past Mama Said programs here


How does your company, store, community organization, restaurant, or religious institution demonstrate its investment in caring for and catering to mothers? 

If mamas make up a large percentage of those whom you serve or you would like them to, Mama Said can help you to answer the question above. We will create customized guidance and programming for your business or organization. E-mail caroline@mamasaidphl.com for a free consultation