Meeting the Demands of Motherhood and Career: The Wall Street Journal Reports on "What’s Holding Women Back in the Workplace?"


Mama Said is actively working to address a variety of the concerns outlined in this article through our programming and services to both individuals and other businesses. 

"While three-quarters of companies tracked by Lean In and McKinsey named gender diversity as a priority of the chief executive, fewer than half of employees surveyed said it was high on their own CEO’s priority list. Only a third of men and women say that advancing women is a priority for their direct boss—a phenomenon that Stanford University professor Shelley Correll calls the “frozen middle.”

A key to thawing that middle is “getting managers to see that some of their actions are creating barriers to women in ways that they don’t intend,” says Dr. Correll, a sociology and organizational-behavior professor who directs Stanford’s Clayman Institute for Gender Research. But it won’t be easy, in part due to the polarized views of the workplace. Some 86% of men said that women have as many or more opportunities than men do. Far fewer women—57%—agreed."

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