Parental Leave Progress in the US: The Wall Street Journal Reports on "Family Leave Gaining Momentum in the Workplace"

In 2015, monster-sized companies like Amazon and Netflix made dramatic changes to their parental leave plans. These new plans provide employees with lengthy leave times and extend availability to adopting parents, surrogates, and fathers. Modifications are expected to continue in 2016 and it will be interesting to see how these changes effect recruitment and retention of female workers as well as the bottom lines of companies who have taken on new parental leave policies. 

In this article, The Wall Street Journal asks the question, now that these plans are available, will employees take advantage of them? Parental Leave experts believe that in order for employees to feel comfortable using all the parental benefits offered to them, they need to see and feel support from management and executives. Companies are beginning to look for training programs for management and parents on how to navigate these new programs/policies.

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