Woman Crush Wednesday: ASHLEE MURRAY

WHO: Ashlee is a loving wife and mother to a beautiful 6-month old daughter, named Josephine, by day and a Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician by night.  Her areas of interest include public health, intimate partner violence, and pediatric ER utilization and access.  She loves trying new restaurants and traveling the world! 


WHY WE LOVE HER: Unsurprisingly, as an emergency medicine pediatrician, Ashlee knows how to roll with the punches! She is a skilled problem solver and acrobatic in her flexibility with all things. Ashlee is the eternal optimist who has a "can do" attitude about everything. She is very humble about all of her professional achievements, but she can't help but gush about her little Josephine and we can't blame her! 


ON MOTHERHOOD: Being a pediatrician I thought I knew everything about children, however, after having my daughter I learned that this was indeed not true. Like many new moms I struggled with breastfeeding, nap-time, and learning to let things go. I am continuing to learn how to balance work while remembering to focus on what really is important in my life, my family!