Woman Crush Wednesday: ANA ROSE GELMAN 

WHO:  Ana has been a social worker for 10 years and resigned her job to be a stay at home mom. She was always raised with the value that family is the most important thing and she was also raised with deep social justice values. Ana's deepest wish is to pass on the values of devotion to family, community, and social justice to her son, Sebastian, 15 months. 


WHY WE LOVE HER: If only we could all be as effortlessly relatable as Ana. She is wonderfully candid about her life and will have you laughing within minutes of meeting her. Ana can discuss a recent injustice in the news and her favorite new lip gloss in one breath and we absolutely love this about her. Her son, Sebi shares his mama's instant charm and is one of our favorite lunch date companions. 


ON MOTHERHOOD: Motherhood is the most sacred and transformative experience of my life. Sebastian keeps me in the present moment, watching him see the world with awe and delight. I've begun to say that he is like a drug and a religion. A physician friend of mine who is also a mother said, "it's like a medication that is both short and long-acting." It's also been incredible to see my husband as a father and watch the same transformation happen to him. I couldn't have envisioned a more loving  and committed father to share this journey with. Not to mention the joy I see experienced by my family and my husband's family, as well as my amazing community of friends and neighbors and how Sebastian radiates that joy back. 

Even with this circle of love that we are blessed to be surrounded by, as a new mother who has few friends with children, I find myself wanting to be a part of a community of mothers and also to create more opportunities for my son to interact with other young children.